Become a Dealer

Hello Friend,

Thank You for your inquiry about our establishment and we look forward to helping you market your quality antiques and collectible merchandise. We host many events throughout the year to bring customers into our mall. Some of these are special sales, holiday events, tent sales, and sidewalk sales. Location, location, location; This is where you want to be! We have a prime location for an antique mall. The City of Dunedin is booming with local artists, shops, and restaurants.  We are also just a few blocks away from the Dunedin Beach Causeway and Honeymoon State Park, where you will find beautiful sandy beaches, sailing, and outdoor recreation. We offer dealers a clean, secure, and; friendly environment to market their merchandise. We accept all major credit cards and use a point of sale system specifically designed for antique malls. Dealers receive daily sales reports by email so you know how your items are selling. Our rent/sales periods are based on monthly intervals. We provide a wide choice of booth sizes and options. You will need to contact us for booth availability or display case selection. Perhaps, one of the most important attributes of our shop is our dealers. Our humble shop has grown consistently because we have a great team of dealers. These fine women and men have a wide range of experience levels, but they all share a common vision of offering quality merchandise, friendly service, and sharing in the success. You are going to love antiquing with us!


Barbara and Bob O’Connell